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On-Demand Pilot Program

In February 2018, the RTC launched its Ride On-Demand pilot program to provide safe, on-demand ground transportation to a select group of Specialized Services customers, previously provided by the Southern Nevada Transit Coalition (SNTC). 

Before, clients were required to book trips days in advance. Now, eligible customers can sign up for our ridesharing service to request a ride in real-time or in advance through our app and by phone. After you submit your information, the RTC will verify your eligibility. Eligible customers will receive email or phone correspondence with next steps to formally enroll in the program.

Program Overview

  • RTC Ride On-Demand will allow clients to schedule a ride within minutes by:
    • Using the Lyft app on a smartphone (free via the Google Play or Apple app stores); or
    • Calling RTC Customer Care at (702)478-2400 seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The Lyft app is only available for non-wheelchair accessible vehicle (non-WAV) clients. Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) clients must book rides by calling RTC Customer Care.
  • The wait time may be as little as five minutes.
  • Clients will not need to share the vehicle with other clients on most trips.

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On Demand Information Brochure (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Service Comparison

Service: RTC/SNTC Pilot
Fare: $3 As low as $3
Booking: Minimum one day in advance Instant request to dispatch
Day of wait time: 30 minute window As little as five minutes
Trip reservations: By phone Lyft app, Smartphone or phone call-in option

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